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中古 春の新作シューズ満載 World Clique

World Clique


World Clique



Known as the group's best and most consistent album, this debut is a peek into the culture surrounding clubs. This features the favorite "Groove Is in the Heart" that has graced the dance floor for years.


"span"This debut is Deee-Lite's most consistent record and subsequently their best. By freebasing the previous three decades of pop culture, World Clique is a rush of beats, hooks and fashion sensibilities. "Groove Is in the Heart" brings one of the best and funkiest bass lines ever to the dance floor. Lady Miss Kier establishes herself as a stylist--both vocally and visually--capable of casting some serious shade. World Clique manages a seamless merger of house beats, a trippy 1960s vibe and an over-the-top 1970s funkified sound, thanks in part to DJ Towa Tei. "Good Beat" serves up what its title promises, while "Power of Love" goes one better by adding one of the strongest melodies of the band's career. By punctuating their songs with quirky bleeps and rhythmic kitsch, Deee-Lite predicted the DJ-dominated craze that would spin the latter part of the 1990s into a tizzy. --Steve Gdula

World Clique