We take ahead the trust of Canopus Infosystems with Canopus Data Insights; with the advancements and the technological revolution, we want to take our legacy ahead hence we choose Data Science which is the latest buzz in the technological world.

Canopus Data Insights is Data Science & Analytics company based in India and US. We provide Data Science Products, Solutions, and Services to the clients and industries including Logistics, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Marketing, Retail, Financial Services etc.

We build advanced Machine learning and Deep learning algorithms with Artificial Intelligence that enables customer centricity by giving insight into data, which improves productivity and increases the depth of customer engagement and predictive modeling to make big decisions.

Our work includes :

  • Fraud Detection for Banking & Financial companies.
  • Failure Prediction for Automobile Companies.
  • Recommendation System for Online Media and Advertising Companies.
  • Cross Sell, Up-Sell, Sales Lead Generation for Marketing Companies.

Please visit our new website for Data Science- http://canopusdatainsights.com/