Winery Passport Application

Winery Passport Application

Winery Passport is your mobile wine tasting tour guide for discovering local wines and wineries.

Stamp your passport at more than 4,500 wineries from across the United States and Canada.

Then record details of your wine tasting in your Winery Passport journal –even connect with friends on
Facebook and Twitter to share and see theirs!

Features of the app include:-

  • Search for wineries nearby, on a map or by location.
  • Stamp your passport at each winery. Then share your latest wine tasting via email, text,
    Facebook or Twitter.
  • Store wine tasting details (rating, favorite types of wine & photo) in your Certified Passport
  • Share your wine tasting journal with friends and family on Facebook & Twitter, and see theirs.
  • See your stamp stats to find out how many wineries you’ve visited.
  • Star wineries you’d like to visit to add them to your winery wish list.


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